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CONNECTPlus Multiple Conditions App

Seamlessly managing patients with multiple conditions, remotely and in one place.

We’ve seen clinical teams struggling to manage the growing number of patients with long- term conditions, leading to a rising number of face-to-face appointments.

Patients now have the choice to manage their care remotely just as effectively as it would be in-person.

This is why HCI created the CONNECTPlus app, benefitting every patient, especially those with more than one condition, safely storing key information and health tracking tools all on one platform.

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CONNECTPlus continues to provide patients with your trusted duty of care removing unnecessary appointments and improving capacity.

  • Easy to understand information: Users of the app can learn about their single and multiple conditions and care pathways through in-depth information and video content. This alone has saved clinical teams many hours educating newly diagnosed patients and answering queries, both face to face and on the phone.
  • Symptom trackers: Each condition comes with its own set of symptom trackers so that patients can monitor how their condition is progressing. As a result, unnecessary routine outpatient appointments can be considerably reduced and replaced by patient-initiated follow ups.
  • Reporting: The graphical presentation can help patients and clinicians monitor and understand the progression of their conditions, supporting remote consultations by phone or video.
  • Medication management: Using the medications function, patients can add their medications and set reminders. This helps to improve medication adherence, reducing the risk of relapse or crisis, as well as reducing the costs associated with wastage or misuse.
  • Appointments & reminders: Appointments can be added into the diary together with details about clinic locations to reduce the potential of DNAs.
  • Individual hospital personalisation: The app can be personalised to meet your local care pathway needs and enables you to use your own branding and add departmental contact details and meet the team information.

To help reduce the number of face-to-face appointments, contact us to schedule a demo to see how CONNECTPlus will relieve the pressures within your health system.

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View the video

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Download the product guide

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Watch our webinar

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