Who is CONNECTPlus for?

CONNECTPlus has been co-designed with NHS clinicians and patients to help manage multiple conditions in one place. It keeps patients informed, connected to their clinical teams, and extends the duty of care while also removing unnecessary appointments. This brings real benefit to many people...

1. Clinical teams and patients

  • We can give you ready made patient education

Ready made patient information in both video and text format can help support your patient education programmes almost immediately. We also provide the resources you need to help onboard your patients.

  • We can help stop the phone ringing

FAQs and assured information can provide answers to common queries quickly, and without the need to contact the department. We have proven CONNECTPlus can dramatically reduce calls to department helplines.

  • We can stop some appointments

Educating patients on their condition can improve confidence in self management and shorten appointment time, or remove the need for one at all. This gives more time to those who need to be seen urgently, and helps prioritise waiting lists.


2. Hospital transformation leads

  • We connect people to their care, at home

We can put your hospital into your patients' pocket to enhance their access to assured, localised information and keep them connected to their clinical teams. This makes it easier for people to self manage and feel more involved and in control of their care.

  • We provide a solution for whole person care, on one platform

Our multi-disciplinary approach combines patient education, remote monitoring tools, and intuitive reporting, all in one place that's localised to your organisation with all your required conditions and procedures covered.

  • We support your digital strategies

Supporting organisational change that goes beyond tech upgrades; we can help you to digitise pathways of care, meet NHS England's Long Term Plan expectations and help achieve sustainability goals through achieving a greener hospital from reduced travel and paperless operations.

3. Integrated Care Systems

  • We enable joined-up, collaborative care for patients

CONNECTPlus is the digital front door for end to end care pathways. By connecting health and care services across GP, acute, community and social care we can help put the patient at the centre of their care and improve communication within an organisation and across a system

  • We can help improve the quality of care

Provision of consistent local information leads to less clinical variation and fewer clinical errors. We also support wellbeing and prevention programmes and help teams provide care closer to home more efficiently.

  • We support a 'shift left' approach

We're passionate about helping as many people as possible receive more care, closer to home. Enabling people to move from specialty outpatient clinics and inpatient care, into supported home care or living a home independently not only improves their quality of life, there is also a much lower cost to the system.


4. Programmes and projects

  • We create high quality and accessible health information

Our team of expert clinical script writers, videographers and project managers make creating health information simple, affordable and effective in helping you digitise care pathways, empower patients, or transform the way care is delivered, ensuring services continue to meet the needs of all patients.

  • We love to collaborate to achieve a shared vision

We have extensive experience working with NHSE, AHSNs, HEE and other health organisations and using local experiences at a national level and collaborating to achieve a shared vision is something we are extremely passionate about.