Our Social Responsibility

HCI is a groundbreaking digital health company that enables health systems to adopt new and sustainable ways of delivering health and care for patients, and all their treatments and conditions.

We achieve this through our CONNECTPlus platform and our library of over 1,000 patient facing videos.

The carbon footprint of health systems is significant and is affecting our planet; the NHS has committed to reaching carbon net zero by 2040.

Alongside, the NHS and other health systems can't cope with the demand they're facing and as a result: inequalities are exposed; people miss out on the support they need and; health and wellbeing suffers.

We believe that as a company we have the responsibility to help to address these issues and this page outlines our plans in all these areas.

Climate Change Net Zero

We confirm our commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2040 or earlier for emission scopes 1, 2, 3 and 4 for all our operations and we are taking steps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve this goal.

This commitment was made on 20th June 2024 by the HCI Board.

Our approach to achieving this plan is captured in the diagram at the top of this page. It shows:

  • Green arrows relate to HCI and the emissions created by our activities and the blue arrows relate to our impact on the NHS and it's operations.
  • Below the line shows what we have done and where we are already making an impact.
  • Above line are areas where we need to find solutions.

We contribute to the NHS Net Zero carbon reduction programme by using CONNECTPlus and our Video Library to achieve:

  • More care delivered closer to home.
  • Fewer in-person visits to NHS premises by patients, and their families and carers.
  • Reduced staff travel to appointments.
  • Improved business processes through pathway redesign.
  • Reduction in the use of medicines as a result of more precise interventions and fewer complications.
  • Reductions in in-patient hospital visitor numbers.

We believe that healthcare inequalities are unfair and avoidable, and that our tools can support the NHS and all health systems to reduce inequality and unwarranted variation in care.

Our work supports ‘Core20PLUS5’ and the ‘NHS Long Term Plan’ in tackling inequalities and improving health outcomes for our population. We achieve this by being able to provide:

  • Information to address the 5 clinical areas of focus which require accelerated improvement (maternity, severe mental illness, chronic respiratory disease, early cancer diagnosis, hypertension).
  • Support to people with multiple long term conditions
  • Support to people from ethnic minority communities with information in their preferred language.
  • Information in a multimedia format for people with low literacy skills.
  • Scripts for all our videos for those who are digitally excluded.
  • The ability to deliver all our videos in multiple languages and BSL.
  • Greater access to high-quality care for a wider population.
  • Information and support to patients in deprived communities, rural and coastal areas.
  • An alternative to translation services, thus saving costs that can be used in other areas of care.

Traditional diagnosis pathways are slow and require multiple visits to hospital. This requires time off work and incurs costs which have an impact on patients and carers.

We believe that low-tech onsite treatment models are outdated and can’t cope with demand, nor the challenges that these traditional models impose on users of health services. Our work enables care to be delivered closer to home, which reduces the economic cost on patients and their families.

  • We reduce the demands on patients and their carers by reducing the number of visits they need to make to health settings.
  • Fewer appointments mean less travel and lower petrol and parking costs.
  • Fewer appointments mean less time off work and disruption to people's lives.

Globally, more people are multi-morbid (1 in 4 of the UK population), and as a result they have increasingly complex healthcare needs and struggle to enjoy a decent quality of life and wellbeing.

We believe that an educated patient is a better patient who makes less demand on their health system, and is one who is more independent and more confident in managing their conditions and treatments.

  • Our interventions focus on educating people so that they can better manage the conditions they already have and reduce the risk of being subject to other additional conditions.
  • We deliver wellbeing through education and information and by enabling patients to be supported remotely at times when they are in greatest need.
  • By reducing demand on health systems we create space to enable healthcare professionals to focus their efforts on those in greatest need.


HCI is a registered supplier on G-Cloud 13 (Lot 2: Cloud software) for both CONNECTPlus and our HCI Health and Care Video Library. You can find our services by searching on https://www.applytosupply.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/ for:

  • Patient education multiple conditions
  • Patient education rehab
  • Patient education multiple conditions surgical
  • Patient education multiple conditions PIFU
  • Patient education multiple conditions waiting well
  • Multiple treatment pathways single platform
  • Multiple conditions PIFU
  • Multiple conditions waiting well
  • NHS education multiple conditions
  • NHS patient education multiple treatment pathways
  • NHS multiple conditions single platform
  • NHS multiple treatment single platform
  • NHS multiple long term conditions single platform
  • NHS care at home multiple conditions
  • Care at home multiple conditions waiting well
  • Care at home multiple conditions PIFU
  • Care at home multiple conditions procedures
  • Care at home multiple conditions rehab
  • Care at home multiple conditions surgical

Information Governance is a key component in the G-Cloud process and you can see the comprehensive arrangements we've put in place to protect you and your patients by going to our Governance and Compliance page.