How do you get set-up?

We know how busy you and your teams are so we have made sure that CONNECTPlus is super easy to set up. No IT support is needed and our experienced digital health project team is here to help guide and support through set up and delivery to help patients access quality and assured health care information, take better control of their health, and feel better supported in managing long term conditions.


3 Phases of Implementation

Our 3 phase approach means you can get up and running quickly with ready made, high quality content and then steadily build CONNECTPlus as your unique long term digital health solution.

  • Phase 1: Access to patient education and local services - Providing 24/7 access to high quality, NHS approved patient information in text and video format, localised information and signposting to resources and services

  • Phase 2: Interactive self-management tools - Pathway-specific health and symptom trackers to enable patients to monitor their progress and become active partners in their care

  • Phase 3: Clinical dashboard for full patient overview - The ability to review your patient data on one self-management platform with optional EPR integration

Make it your own

The CONNECTPlus app platform has been built flexibly to allow you to create your very own app, customised for your service and tailored for your priorities.

We can edit, add and delete content as required and will localise it with your team pictures, organisation logos, specific charities and clinic locations.

You can select from our existing video content from the National Health and Care Video Library, add your own and/or work with us to create more. CONNECTPlus can be used as a stand alone platform or we can have discussions with you about integrating with your electronic patient record system along with other software such as remote monitoring devices and wearables.


First steps...

Depending on which stage of implementation suits your needs, and the level of interactivity required, we can get you up and running in a matter of weeks...

  1. Select conditions and content and review our pre-approved scripts & template documents
  2. Collate your team photos, clinic locations and contact details plus any other local information for us to add
  3. Sign off and go live!
  4. Use the Resource Hub to download posters, QR cards, social media graphics and copy.
  5. Tell your patients!