Features & Functionality

CONNECTPlus is unique. It includes a variety of features to enable people to manage and monitor their conditions at home. You can select as many or few conditions and procedures as required and our team will create your own personalised app...

1. Condition specific information

Covering multiple conditions, pathways and procedures.
You can choose from over 800 existing patient information videos from our video library platforms. They have all been commissioned, scripted and produced with clinical teams across the country alongside our videographers and expert clinical scriptwriters. If the video you need isn't yet in our collection, we can work with you to create it!

condition spec.png

2. Appointments

Patients can add all their appointments, link the clinic locations and receive appointment reminders that will help reduce DNAs. They can also enter important questions to help them remember what to ask their healthcare professional at their next consultation. This often focuses and shortens consultation time.

3. Medications

Prescribed medications, correct usage instructions, dosage and reminders can all be added to CONNECTPlus to help improve medication management and adherence, as well as reduce wastage costs. There are also a wide range of videos available in our libraries to help explain usage.


4. Symptom trackers

Depending on your specialty and set-up phase, we have created over 60 health trackers to help patients manage their symptoms and monitor the progression of their condition with easy to read graphs. This ensures accurate and regular monitoring to support PIFU and better self management based on trusted data.

5. FAQs

Add your own frequently asked questions to personalise the information given to your patients. This feature has proven to reduce calls to department helplines as many patients are finding the answers to their queries in this section before contacting the department.

meet .png

6. Meet the team & localisation options

Localise your own version of CONNECTPlus with photos and information about your team, clinic locations and contact details to help patients feel connected to their care from home.

7. Clinician dashboard

Depending on your set-up phase, you can choose to have access to an intuitive clinician dashboard showing submitted patient data. This can include patient milestones such as stopping medication or times of flares to help support PIFU.

C DASH.png

...and more!

The CONNECTPlus app platform has been built flexibly to allow you to create your very own app, customised for your service and tailored for your priorities. Whether you would like to add your own clinical podcast or blog, details of your latest clinical trial or information about your hospital charities, we can work with your team to add your content.