Changing the way insurers manage ill health and claims management

The CONNECTPlus app supports the large and growing number of policyholders with multiple health conditions.

  • Information and tools to enable better self-care
  • Symptom trackers to inform claims management
  • An enhanced proposition and reduced claims costs

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The Challenge

  • Keeping people healthier and getting them back to work quicker
  • Reducing claim costs, helping people to feel supported
  • Responding to the increasing use of digital by the competition

The Opportunities

  • The growing demand for digital health tools by policyholders
  • Limited true innovation by other insurers
  • The ability to educate users and monitor their health remotely

The Solution

Using CONNECTPlus to give policyholders the information they need to better manage their conditions, and gathering data on their progression to better manage claims and return to work.

The Outcomes

  • Policyholders taking greater responsibility at home
  • Employers seeing an accelerated return to work
  • Reduced claims and admin costs
  • An enhanced proposition

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The CONNECTPlus app from HCI offers:

Who are HCI?

At HCI we transform pathways of care using digital information to educate and empower patients and to improve their care.

We do this using:

  • Our CONNECTPlus app. The only app that allows patients to manage all their conditions in one place
  • The Health and Care Video Library. Over 800 videos that support patients by educating them about their condition and treatment pathways

We work with over 20 NHS trusts and the Health and Care Video Library has been used by NHS England to support hospitals and GP practices nationally during the COVID-19 pandemic.