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The National Health and Care Video Library: Update

September 2021 - Important notice from NHSX:
The NHSX contractual agreement with HCI videos for access to this health and care video library has now expired. Access to the library and content is no longer provided by or the responsibility of NHSX. This platform was licensed by NHSX as a temporary response to the COVID-19 pandemic in June 2020. NHSX is carrying out a review to understand the long term future strategy of patient information in the NHS.

HCI is offering a free of charge, 6 month extension until the end of March 2022.

Why we are keeping the Health and Care Video Library live....

'We are delighted with what we have achieved with NHSX through the national Health and Care Video Library and would like keep the momentum going to support clinicians and patients' says Richard Wyatt-Haines, Director of HCI, 'We will keep the service live for a further six months free of charge and during this time will continue to try to find ways to fund the national library on an ongoing basis'.

If you would like to hear more about the use and impact of videos please get in touch or find out below on how to set up your own, personalised Health and Care Video Library.

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Survey Responses

A total of 482 respondents have so far taken part in the survey; 22.7% of the respondents are clinicians and 77.3% are users of the video library (patients and people)

"I thought the library was easy to use and contained valuable advice and guidance that could be used during consultations or to signpost patients to" Clinician feedback

1/3 of patients who were directed by a clinician to watch a video or videos as part of their clinical pathway, stated that the information they got in the video or videos saved them the need to further contact a healthcare professional.

80.4% of survey respondents stated that the information provided in the video library helped them to think about what to ask their clinician and/or prepare for their future appointment.

Free support and advice

We have over 1000 registered users to our Resource Hub that provides a step by step guide with webinar recordings, videos, graphic resources, PDFs and checklists to help clinical teams maximise the impact of using the video library. 

In our Resource Hub you will be able to familiarise yourself with the content, get up and running and find how to use video to:

  • Support patients remotely
  • Encourage self care at home
  • Reduce unnecessary appointments
  • Save time for patients and staff
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