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Audio System: Anonymous 'please do not smoke'

Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust


Smoking in public areas can be an issue and it’s not always easy to ask someone not to smoke.

In association with Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, whose specialist smoking cessation midwife Hayley Stone instigated the initiative, we have produced a series of 8 different ‘please do not smoke’ messages that have been installed into a speaker system package and used as a tool to help stop or reduce smoking in public areas. Anyone can press the push button so that the message is played anonymously.

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00:00 00:08
00:00 00:07
00:00 00:08
00:00 00:07
00:00 00:05
00:00 00:12
00:00 00:08


Lucy Rexworthy, Musgrove Park Hospital’s Smokefree Lead was instrumental in implementing this system and believes these audio clips have great potential to prevent smoking.

“Rolling out the PA systems across the hospital entrances has been a fantastic project to work on. The local children and parents who helped us record the messages have been brilliant and deserve tremendous recognition. What the Smokefree team believe to be so great about this roll-out is that not only can our colleagues activate the system but patients and visitors too. We know that to change the culture of smoking on site, we will need the support of the public and we truly hope that incentives like this one will make it easier for the public to engage with our campaign to have an entirely smoke free hospital site".

Package available to purchase:

£850 + VAT per system

  • Dual weatherproof speakers
  • 1 x SD Card Player with integrated audio amplifier
  • 1 x SD Card (includes the audio files)
  • 1 x Wall mount trigger switch
  • 1 x Back box for switch
  • 1 x Push button and
  • 1 x A4 text plate
  • All connecting cables

Does not include installation as this needs to be provided by your internal team or local contractor. Installation instructions can be supplied.

Audio files can be changed or removed from the SD card and should you wish to record your own messages they can be added. Instructions available.

How to purchase:

To make a purchase please email your request to along with a Purchase Order. Turnaround is normally 2 weeks.

On purchase we will pass your details on to our electronics supplier who will then be responsible for all product/technical support and warranties.  HCI not responsible nor liable for anything relating to the equipment.