WiFi SPARK & SPARK Media hospital entertainment platform

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HCI and WiFi SPARK are pleased to reveal their new partnership combining WiFi SPARK’s SPARK® Media Platform and HCI’s national Health and Care Video Library.

WiFi SPARK has produced a comprehensive suite of solutions to empower patients and enable healthcare professionals to deliver an excellent level of care and education. Its SPARK® Media Platform represents a new way for patients to receive entertainment and engage with their healthcare journey by providing access to everything they need to make their journey through the hospital simple.

In a move to optimise digital experience for inpatients, the innovative entertainment delivery platform will now provide patients in over 30 UK hospitals with access to HCI’s national Health and Care Video Library.

The latest addition to the SPARK® Media Platform is 600 clinically assured patient information videos covering a wide range of topics and conditions which aim to help patients feel more engaged in their care and better informed.

The national Health and Care Video Library has been made free for NHS use by NHSX as part of their COVID-19 response and offers patients a visual and easily accessible form of health information, including guidance on rehabilitation and how to manage their condition after being discharged to help prevent re-admission.

“Empowering patients is the reason SPARK® Media was created. As well as the free TV, magazines, games and other features, integration was a key element in which we encourage partnerships with companies just like HCI to allow patients to take control of their own healthcare. Providing tailored videos to patients in the palm of their hands is invaluable to improving the patient experience and encouraging this ownership of personal recovery.”
- Ian Spark – Head of Healthcare at WiFi SPARK.

When linked to a hospital’s Patient Administration System (PAS), SPARK® Media hosts links to relevant videos from the library that will educate patients on why they have been admitted, and their condition.

For instance, a patient with diabetes could be shown videos explaining the condition and its management, including guidance on daily blood tests, insulin, and the associated long-term health risks. Videos can also be available to patients on a ward-specific basis.

“The fact that patients can now access our short and engaging information videos from a hospital setting, not just at home, is a great move to improve patient education and experience. Increased access to assured health information can really help alleviate anxiety and empower patients to self-manage their own condition as patients can often feel overwhelmed processing lots of information about their illness and aftercare and may forget what their clinician has told them. It’s great that now patients can freely explore the library on the SPARK® Media Platform whilst in hospital.”
- Ellen Jenkins - Director of Marketing and Business Development at HCI

HCI has already helped Trusts they work with achieve an 80% reduction in angiogram pre-op clinic time, 500 hours saving a year in pre-diabetic consultations, a 25% reduction in podiatry appointment times, and five minutes less time spent explaining inhaler techniques thanks to the videos.

For more information about WiFi SPARK and its solutions, visit https://www.wifispark.com/media

To learn more about HCI and the national video library, visit https://hci.digital/news/nhsx-video-library/