Centric Health Media - Sharing digital content to support innovation


HCI and Centric Health Media have formed a partnership, in order to share digital content to

support innovation in healthcare and enhance patient outcomes. 

Centric is an interactive media platform which creates and shares video content showcasing

best practice in digital healthcare across the NHS and the health and social care space. 

The partnership will see the sharing of educational and innovative content, encouraging the

use of video for better patient outcomes and raising the profile of the videos for better

patient self-management and keeping patients out of their GP surgery, where possible. 

Richard Wyatt-Haines, Director of HCI says: ‘It's great to be working with Centric. We have

great synergy in that we are both passionate about communicating through video, and we

both want to promote good practice and innovation across the health economy.’

Ben Webber, Director of Centric says: ‘With our network of large and diverse audiences, we

want to use our platform to help share innovation and best practice. HCI share a common

goal with Centric of using video to help encourage best practice.’ 

Unique insights from the road less travelled

Douglas Hamandishe in conversation with Richard Wyatt-Haines and Dr Matt Halkes here.

Douglas, Richard and Matt