The CONNECTPlus Tri Team

Meet the CONNECTPlus Triathlon Team and keep up to date with their progress this season...

James Heyman

James is a Surgical Registrar who has been competing in triathlons for 4 years. Some of the biggest challenges he has completed in this time have been the Ironman triathlons in both Wales and France. He aims to complete Ironman Wales again this year, and looks forward to running the Brighton marathon in April. His biggest triathlon goal is to complete the Norseman in the future.


Tullia Turner

Tullia has been doing triathlons for a year now, and when she isn’t running, biking, or swimming, works full time as a Teacher. Her goal for 2022 is to complete a half iron man, with the aim being to be able to complete a full iron man eventually. Tullia’s favourite part of a triathlon is the challenge, saying “It’s all your own work. Independent”. Her sporting hero is Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Tamar Hosking

Tamar has been doing triathlons for six years, whilst also studying law full time. She plans to sign up for the Perranporth Extreme Surf Triathlon this year, as well as multiple standard distance triathlons and hill climbs, despite recently recovering from a broken wrist. Tamar is the female record holder for the Dartmoor classic, and has achieved a coast to coast cycle (from Whitehaven to Tynemouth) in one and a half days! Her most useful tip for newcomers is to “make your training fun. Go out with friends, don’t be afraid to explore new routes, and always factor in a cafe stop”!


Rosie Alterman

When she isn’t working in the A&E as a Doctor, Rosie is likely training for her next marathon or triathlon. With 7 years of experience, she has completed many huge challenges, such as Barcelona Ironman 2016, and is currently working on being able to run the whole of the south-west coastal path. Her favourite part of a triathlon is crossing the finish line, and then treating herself to a delicious lunch! When asked who her sporting hero is, she said “ Chrissie Wellington…there’s still hope of becoming a pro, even at 30”!

Samuel Wyatt-Haines

Samuel is a part of the HCI team, in project support, as well as working towards his goal of becoming a professional triathlete. He has 6 years of triathlon experience, and has a busy year planned ahead of him, with Ironman Lanzarote, Outlaw Nottingham, Torbay mixed team relay, and Challenge Wales Middle Distance all booked in for him in 2022. The biggest challenges he has faced so far have been completing his first Ironman in Wales and doing a virtual ascent of Everest of Zwift, and his advice to triathlon newcomers is to “Find a group to train with and you will get better much more quickly than on your own and it will be more fun”.


Rob Mann

Rob has been competing in triathlons for just under a year, after starting in March 2021 and finding that he really enjoyed them. He is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Exeter, as well as being an ambassador for ASICS, as part of the ASICS FrontRunner community. As well as this, he likes to raise awareness about stammers, speech impediments and the wonderful work of the STAMMA charity. Rob’s triathlon goals are “To keep developing and try to string together performances that reflect my potential”.

Emma Wyatt-Haines

Emma is a GP trainee with 4 years of triathlon experience. She has big plans for 2022, signing up for Cambridge, Cardiff and Bath half marathon, Brighton marathon, Challenge Wales middle distance triathlon, and Wales Ironman. When asked who her sporting hero is, Emma said “I am not sure she is my hero, but I saw Paula Radcliffe out running once and she was mind blowingly amazing”! Her goal is to get a sub-12 hour Ironman time, and suggests newcomers to triathlons “Enjoy the challenge and enjoy becoming the fittest you’ll ever be”.


Ed Mole

Ed works as a Doctor and has been completing triathlons for 7 years, after initially signing up to Ironman Wales in 2015 and buying a road bike in the same year. Throughout his triathlon career, he has faced many challenges, with Norseman being his most difficult triathlon to date. When asked what advice he would give to triathlon newcomers, he said “Book the tickets, sign-up, tell everyone you’re doing something first… then you’ve not got much choice but to go out there and get it done”!

CONNECTPlus Triathlon Team Events 2022

Torbay Mixed Team Triathlon

Organiser: Samuel Wyatt-Haines

Date: 23rd April

Event: Super sprint mixed team relay @ Torbay Velopark