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We want to put knowledge in your hands so that you can better understand and manage your condition.  

Our app will help you, your friends and family to do that so please take a look around.

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Download the App? Here's how to get started:

  • When you open the app you can either choose a) the hospital, GP surgery or care organisation video library if you have been directed to it by a healthcare provider, or b) the national NHSX video library.  
  • Adding your post code details means that you can easily find the set of videos and information resources that are tailored for your local area.
  • Once you’ve entered this information, your video library will be set up.
  • Search for a condition or treatment, or scroll down the page until you find what you want.  Press the button and you’ll be presented with a range of relevant top tips and how-to videos.  
  • If you are particularly interested in a condition or treatment, or really like a video you can favourite it.  That means it is easily accessible in your 'favourites' section.
  • At times, your selected healthcare provider may send you a message about things like flu clinics, or pressures in your local emergency department, these will pop up on your home screen and you can also find them in the message notification centre here.
  • If you have chosen your local healthcare provider's video library then you are able to send a message through the contact page (not available on the NHSX video library).
  • Take a look at the help page in the app if you need more guidance.

Health and Care Videos, putting knowledge in your hands.