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Clinical trials online site training

University of Nottingham

Intervention: An elearning platform and video content for University of Nottingham's clinical trial ‘Attack’ to facilitate the training of 400-500 UK GP practices.

Implementation: Through consultations with HCI, the UoN made the decision to test a digital approach to site training and commissioned an elearning study platform. The platform consists of individual logins for GP practice site staff to access study training videos and testing, and reporting features for internal administration.


  • Reduction in travel costs equating to the annual salary of 1 clinical research nurse
  • Sites recruited and training 50% quicker, so are able to start recruiting patients sooner than expected

GP Feedback:

'I found the ATTACK training videos one of the most helpful and informative training tools I have used in my 9 years of clinical research. Face to face training is informative, but the videos allowed me to take in the information in my own time, go back and watch again with any queries I had. I was also able to watch the videos with the site file in front of me, this made it much easier to understand and familiarised myself with the ISF at the same time. I would definitely welcome this approach again'.