Podiatry Webinar
Podiatry Webinar

Webinar Recording: Podiatry Case Study

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

How we reduced outpatient appointments in our podiatry pathway of care

Wednesday was all about hosting an incredibly positive podiatry team from Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.

During the webinar Richard Wyatt-Haines, HCI's Founder & Director, was joined by Angie Abbott, Ruth Gornall and Su Stewart to share their success stories achieved by using video across their pathways of care and how it has helped them manage an increase in patient flow and resulted in over £160,000 savings per year.

“It’s transformed the way we do our nail surgery”

“We used to always offer follow up appointments but now it is really rare.  Hardly ever do we have to follow up our patients.  Last year we did 1,300 procedures – and we would have followed up all of them, but now we aren’t following up hardly any of them”

Prior to the webinar we recorded interviews with the team so take a look at what they had to say. There's also the recording from the webinar that includes the questions asked by the webinar participants.

Podiatry Webinar Video

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